Plights of Travel Operators – Time to Rethink and Realign

Only through rethinking and realignment can this be the catalyst to the rebirth of the travel industry in the post COVID19 era.

Variable Capital Company

Variable Capital Company (“VCC”) is a new corporate structure for investment funds constituted under the Variable Capital Companies Act.

Consumer Confidence Report for Restaurant Dine-In

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

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Collective Experiences in Growing Clients

Skylark brings about the brightest minds and our MAP (Mission, Approaches and People) framework enable our clients to be ahead in business decisions – proactive rather than reactive to the disruptive business and competitive environment all businesses face today. To walk the talk of knowing a client well is to walk the journey and experience the business pain points together so that our collective expertises and experiences can create success for the clients.


Future-Proofing Your Business

Skylark Group embraces the symbol of joyous spirit of the divine, after all, our approaches and methodologies cannot be easily understood by ordinary empirical methods but yet practical and relevant enough for our clients to soar the sky with confidence and pride. Skylark believes that remaining relevant, resilience and agile are the key to co-create something with the businesses that will have continued value in the distant future – future proofing of the businesses start today.


Agile Intelligence for Tomorrow

Within the regional network of Skylark, our consultants synergies with our clients across industries to develop thought-leaderships insights addressing some of their biggest challenges using our expertise in financial analytics, customer insights, strategies modelling, intelligence gathering, and business analysis. These insights serves as strategic tools to all our clients, providing them with insights and intelligence to accelerate their analytic and customer insight capabilities beyond current challenges.

Plights of Travel Operators – Time to Rethink and RealignCorporate

September 18, 2020 by Chris Kuang

Plights of Travel Operators – Time to Rethink and Realign

Many of us have come to the realisation that the travel industry has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The plights of travel professionals have been featured heavily in the media, both online and offline, for months and for good reasons.

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Variable Capital CompanyCorporate

July 26, 2020 by Yiow Min Chay

Variable Capital Company

Variable Capital Company (“VCC”) is a new corporate structure for investment funds constituted under the Variable Capital Companies Act enacted on 14 January 2020.

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DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Consumer Confidence Report for Restaurant Dine-InCorporate

July 1, 2020 by Aditya Aryasena

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Consumer Confidence Report for Restaurant Dine-In

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic SKYLARK wanted to gain insight into the mindset and behavior of consumers, especially their level of comfort in dining-in at a restaurant while transitioning into the “New Normal”.

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More Than Just Giving Advice

Skylark understands the need to bring along a blend of expertise to solve problems with a varying challenging scenarios. We achieve results by leveraging on effective mindsets to develop powerful solutions for our clients’ tomorrow challenges. Our NINE approaches in working alongside with our clients and seek to achieve more than just merely giving sound advices.

  • Deep, Diverse & Defining expertise
  • In-depth, Insights and Intelligence
  • Discuss, Diagnose and Dissect
  • Purpose, Process & People
  • Consensus, Commitment & Convictions
  • Learn, Unlearn & Relearn
  • Reinforce, Reinvigorate & Resilience
  • Strategy-Structure-System
  • Rethink, Redefine & Realign

Our capabilities relates to the future needs of all businesses and remains relevant and realistic in the face of the changing business environment.

Strategic Marketing & Branding

A winning brand & marketing strategy requires a balance of art and science. Strategic Brand success can be a reality when co-creating the right metrics to harness the integrated insights about company, customers and competitors to leverage on a unique competitive position unmatched by others.

Leadership, Internationalisation Strategy & Transformation

The age of accelerating strategy transformation is upon all companies propelling leaders to be more capable of thriving in uncertainty with a clearer strategic sense of purpose in improving their performance along broader people, resilience and future proofing metrics.

Accounting Governance & Financial Analytics

Beyond defining financial analysis and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, the accounting governance and financial analytics shape an ever increasing strategic role in aligning corporate decision-making to business strategy.

Corporate Advisory and Transactions

Enabling clients to achieve the best value from inorganic business growth and business exit by sharpening pure financial due diligence / valuations through delivering incremental services and intelligence that help our clients achieve a an informed advantage in such transactions.

People, Change and Organisation

Accelerate the change capabilities of the leaders and employees by shifting relationships; redesigning teams and replacing the traditional metrics with intrinsic motivation, creativity and inspirations through communication, cohesion and collaboration.

Digital & Technology

Blending traditional business strategic decisions with cutting-edge technology, design thinking and agility which steer business transformation at a pace which is right and suitable for the business.

Asian Families

Working alongside family businesses to sustain dynamic progress across generations, manage the inevitable inherent conflicts between family and business on a consistent basis.  Assist to provide critical step in building alignment among family members around the philosophy of family, management and ownership.

Retail / Business Operations & Performance

Sharpening your retail strategy and to take performance-driven action for the business operation by integrating entire process of customer-centric journey mapping: from supply chain management, customer experience design, training, brand coaching, and talent management to comprehensive data analytics.


Accelerating Business Thinking

With decades of experiences working with businesses, Skylark prides itself as a professional firm who acutely know their own role to play, vast and relevant expertises to share, and amplify the passion for what they do. Skylark’s clients work alongside us because we stand firm on a foundation of the professional integrity, character, and unyielding commitment to the best client service. We’ve adapted with the needs of the changing times, building value and opportunity by investing in our clients through our culture of innovation, empowering our clients as business thinkers. Welcome to this unique commitments with Skylark – accelating your business thinking. 

AllRetail/Business Operations & Performance
Ming Fa Fishball
Ming Fa Fishball

Retail/Business Operations & Performance


Retail/Business Operations & Performance

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